Opportunities with Rabbit

Rabbit offers various business opportunities for our partners

1. Business Application

Accepting payment or identification by Rabbit

  • Payment: for example - transit, retail, vending machines, parking
  • Identification: for example - access control for residential & commercial buildings, on campus application, etc.

2. Product

Integrating Rabbit into your business

  • Corporate Rabbit
      Create a Rabbit for your organization incorporating the usage and benefits offered by Rabbit. Rabbit cards can be branded with your company's identification and can be used as a membership card, student card, employee card or key card
  • Co-branded Rabbit
      The Rabbit chip and payment system can embedded in your company's card (e.g. debit and credit cards or other devices)
  • Standard Rabbit for Advertising
      Promote your business by using the Rabbit card as an innovative media in order to reach your target effectively.

3. Top-Up Service Provider

Accepting top-up of Rabbit

4. Rabbit Distributors

Selling Rabbit at your outlets

This item can be shipped to your home address

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